"Adrianne is the best Massage Therapist I have ever had! I usually come to her very beat up and worn out. This is due to being a business owner who works long hours/does alot of computer work and texting. I also do crossfit and power yoga. This does alot to my body. Every time I get on the table, I start off crunchy and knotted up. Adrianne works her magic and I leave feeling 100 times better."

- AS

"Just thought you should know, I went into today's appointment mentally tired from a few serious, heavy business calls and came out feeling great.  I regained the creative thought that helps me survive and succeed in the business world and the day ended great. Just wanted you to know, it works!"

- MD

"Adrianne has a very attentive and thorough massage style.  I've had a few back injuries over the years and she has always been able to help me get back on the road to recovery.  One thing I really like is how she spends a balanced amount of time on each section of the body.  I always leave her sessions feeling more balanced and centered.  There have also been a couple times when she has helped me find the origin of certain aches and pains.  Her intuitiveness has served me well in finding the source of the problem rather than treating symptoms."


"Soothing and deeply nuturing I would recommend a massage with Adrianne anytime you want to renew your energy. Her touch is intuitive and healing."


Adrianne is able to attune to her clients needs because she has a natural capacity as a Massage Therapist. Her acute sensitivity provides immediate safety during the sessions. She enables the client to relax, let go and free up energy. In addition Adrianne focuses on the harmony of the entire being and facilites healing on the mental, emotional and spirtual levels as well as the physical."


"Adrianne holds a deeply present and compassionate field for healing to occur.  Combined her gifted, intuitive, integrative nuturing touch she has become one of my favorite therapists to call when my body is needing healing and for maintenance."


" I went for my first time to Integr8massage and Adrianne was very warm and welcoming.  She asked what I would like for her to focus on and then for an hour I was soothed and relaxed as all my aches and pains were massaged away.  I would highly recommend this experience to anyone and everyone."

-Beth C.

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